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Our Commitment

10 - 01 - 2015 admin

Our Commitment

The Declaration of University og Brawijaya Service Providing the Best Service to Give the Satisfaction to the Service Users.

Brawijaya University Motto Join UB Be The Best

FISIP Motto Join FISIP be Innovative, Craetive, Productive

The Commitment of University of Brawijaya

Committed to apply the integrated working system to give the best service to give the satisfaction to the UB service users in accordance to Excellent Service

Ethics of Service

1. Servicing with smile and greetings

2. Using identity card is a must

3. Be polite to the University of Brawijaya service users

4. Do not service the University of Brawijaya service users arbitrarily

5. It isn’t allowed to service the users while smoking or communicating with mobile phone or any kind of communication devices